Art for All: Affordable Art Prints From 10 Artists We Love

If you enjoy home tours as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed a theme in many of the spaces you’re drawn to⁠: Artwork. The artwork that individuals put on their walls can make or break their space. Oftentimes, sourcing art is also one of the most daunting home decoration […]

If you enjoy home tours as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed a theme in many of the spaces you’re drawn to⁠: Artwork. The artwork that individuals put on their walls can make or break their space.

Oftentimes, sourcing art is also one of the most daunting home decoration projects because, let’s face it: It can be really expensive! For this reason alone (as well as the myriad of choices out there), shopping for wall art can feel like a frustrating process. But that’s where prints come in.

We’re lucky to be living in a time when there are a wide array of talented artists and illustrators making work that appeals to a diverse range of tastes and offers a little something for everyone. Many of these artists sell high-quality prints at an accessible price point, and buying their prints is a great way to support their work while also expressing your personality in your home. Since the options are seemingly endless, here are 10 visual artists and illustrators behind some of our favorite prints.

Kanesha Sneed

The award-winning artist, author, and creative director Kenesha Sneed, who goes by @tactilematter, creates work in gentle, soothing tones that “speaks to empowerment, the Black female experience, with a balance of purposeful color and forms,” as her website states. The Los Angeles native has prints available from $45 in her shop in a range of sizes, along with a selection of throw blankets featuring her artwork.

Alexis Jamet

French designer Alexis Jamet crafts ethereal, almost-fleeting images that combine abstract shapes and familiar objects, creating work that ranges from commercial to more experimental. His prints are available for sale in his personal shop and at the Fisk Projects online store from $25 and up.

Niege Borges

Brooklyn-based Brazilian artist Niege Borges captures the vibrant, pulsing color of social life in her dynamic illustration through use of color and texture. Her pieces often portray figures in action, caught up in the enjoyment of a life well-lived. Starting at $33, prints of her work can be purchased on Society6.

Erick M. Ramos

Vancouver illustrator Erick M. Ramos creates dreamlike scenes that transport the viewer into a sort of alternate universe. “The thoughtfulness and consideration my background provides integrate into everything I make,” he states on his website. “This allows the work created to be applicable to a broad spectrum of subjects such as tech, science, lifestyle, mental health, and current events while still exuding personality and maintaining a sense of grit.” Prints of Erick’s work are currently available here for $25 and up.

Simone Martin-Newberry

Lush scenes often depicting interaction with plant life are the subject of prints by Simone Martin-Newberry, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Chicago. The pieces, printed on kraft-tone paper, offer a serene window to the outdoors. Simone is a self-professed fan of “color, texture, and balance,” and the gently contrasting hues of her work are sure to bring these elements into your interior. Simone’s prints can be purchased for $70 on her site.

Crystal Zapata

For fans of abstract art, make sure to check out the work of Chicago graphic designer and artist Crystal Zapata. Crystal’s work is simple yet detailed, incorporating elegant shapes and familiar symbols to create images that dance on the page. You can explore Crystal’s portfolio on her site and purchase prints here and at the Fisk Projects store from $25 to $33.

Darien Birks

Familiar imagery is translated into glowing, psychedelic works in the practice of Portland illustrator and creative director Darien Birks. His previous experience as an art director at Nike is evident in his use of sports imagery, which he reinterprets as flowing pieces that pop with color and energy. Darien’s work is available for purchase at 1xRun and in the Fisk Projects store in the $25–$150 range.

Jocelyn Tsaih

Playful figures dance across the images created by Oakland artist Jocelyn Tsaih, “which are meant to act as vessels for those that view her work.” Her work explores “introspection, curiosity and a desire to dive farther beneath the surface.” You can shop prints by Jocelyn at Drool, Evermade, Hen’s Teeth, and the Fisk Projects store starting at $25.

Martian Press

Martian Press, the Los Angeles-based brainchild of Stephanie Lane Gage, works to “publish art and writing by primarily queer makers, with a thematic focus in science fiction and works of a speculative nature.” Their prints are geometric and otherworldly, and they are perfect for the sci-fi lover in all of us. You can purchase their work in their store for $15 and up.

Little Mountain Press

Vintage-looking textures and bright colors bring humor and energy to the work of the New York and Shenzhen, China-based independent publishers Little Mountain Press. Their store features work by founders Xiao Mei and Mountain Dog, as well as their friends. The work Little Mountain Press has available is expressive and personal: “We [are] not afraid to express our sexuality and our Chinese identity. Our mission is to transform boredom into joy and challenge people’s perception through print media.” Starting at $15, you can purchase prints and other materials by the press in their store.

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